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Last update : 1st april 2008

Welcome to David's Collectible Glasses,

My name is David and I am from France. I have been collecting both promotional and cartoon glasses for the past 10 years.
I've decided to create this web site to communicate and disclose all about my main hobby.
Most of my collection items consist of most glasses models produced and distributed in France. I'm not interested in all sizes.
I have over 3250 glasses in my collection and about 1000 different glasses to trade. I am ready to buy also.
The main attraction of this web site is the DataBase. From the beginning I have indexed all the glasses I could find into my computer. I've spent many hundred of hours to arrive at 3575 listed glasses as of today.
You can find a Glossary that will explain all of the information found in the DataBase.
Your opinion or comment concerning the Data Base will be welcomed.

Feel free to contact me.

Enjoy yourself browsing through this web site!


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